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IDC New Species and Super-Connected Future Cities

Time:2021-05-28 Views:1617
The Internet is welcoming the second half, and the new excitement has just begun. There is no so-called "blockchain to subvert the Internet", it should be "inherit the Internet and embrace the blockchain". Blockchain is not a “outflow”, not a fleeting “pulse of opportunity”, nor is it speculation. Blockchain is a new era and a new world. The major business opportunities of the blockchain may first be the new infrastructure industry of the original chain. Blockchain is a gift from God to young people. It is oriented to believe in mathematics, independently control cryptography, embrace interstellar civilization and sci-fi culture, and create a new "personal IDC" (personal cyberspace) new human based on the concept of "my data, I am the master" . Blockchain should be a new starting point for young people to "unlimited games" in the second half of the Internet.
4G changes life, 5G changes society. The new infrastructure of the original chain is bound to be connected with 5G. Going beyond simple 5G frequency, air interface technology, network slicing and other narrow logics, looking at 5G from the macro perspective of computing architecture and business models, and even the evolution of digital civilization, there may be two completely different versions of 5G: 4 +1 5G and 6-1 5G. The 4+1 5G is still the computing architecture of the mobile Internet (smartphone + public cloud). In the 4+1 5G era, mobile apps will continue to have unlimited space and will definitely make a lot of money. But the role of telecom operators will be very embarrassing. The current 3G/4G traffic business model will increase substantially but almost no revenue. Compared with 4G, 5G network CAPEX investment and OPEX operating expenses are structurally increased significantly. To put it bluntly, if it is 4+1 5G, it is difficult for telecom operators to find a profit model. Chen Sheng suggested that basic telecom operators should boldly innovate in computing architecture, do a good job of basic skills in traffic management, and at the same time co-lead the open source and openness of new infrastructure underlying protocols with private scientific and technological innovation forces, and actively embrace the "value exchange" new network information space. Co-construction and sharing, actively embrace the B2B and B2G applications of the central bank‘s DCEP digital currency, and jointly create a new infrastructure sharing economy business model and multi-centralization, even decentralization, and open ecology through innovative consortiums, empowering and promoting a new generation of global digital economic development.
IDC New Species and Super-Connected Future Cities
Picture: Chen Sheng, the founder of 21Vianet, gave a speech at the conference of "Digital Infrastructure, Intelligently Leading the Future"
Judging from today‘s hot cloud native (cloud native) and imagined future blockchain native (blockchain native), cloud native is not a product, but a set of technical systems and a set of methodology. Regardless of whether it is industrial digitalization or digital industrialization, it is essentially thinking first, self-reform from inside to outside, and trends and cultural guidance that represent future trends. The digital transformation and upgrading of the second half of the Internet needs to make full use of the achievements of cloud native, and it is necessary to accelerate the exploration of chain native.
The future has come, is coming
In his speech, Chen Sheng proposed the six characteristics of the hyper-interconnected future city as a new species: 1. Indigenous cryptography, co-construction and shared personal IDC ("big PC", decentralized personal cyberspace); 2. Super video experience, the city is ubiquitous Large-screen multi-screen, high-definition ultra-high-definition, VR/AR, etc.; 3. Digitalization of the physical industry, decentralized industrial Internet of Things interconnection and inter-chain; 4. Interstellar civilization and science fiction culture; 5. Distributed business organization, cryptography Economic and token transactions; 6. The public management and social governance of the future city of the chain native (digital tribe autonomy).
As the founder of China‘s first IDC company, Chen Sheng also pointed out: IDC data center is a neutral, high-computing + high-capacity (referred to as "double high" new infrastructure) new digital energy integration infrastructure, which represents the third force. The power of the digital economy chassis. The new generation of IDC will be based on cloud native + chain native technology, based on the central bank‘s DCEP digital currency system, based on the new energy-based new power system and the national "dual carbon" strategy, and will closely cooperate with the State Grid, basic telecom operators, and broadcasting and television operators. . The new generation of IDC has the opportunity to become one of the important forces to promote digital China, empower the global new generation of digital economy, and promote the hyper-interconnected future city.