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The Best Mini PCs for Gaming in 2022

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The Best Mini PCs for Gaming in 2022

Big specs come in small packages.For anyone looking to slim down their rig, one of the best mini PCs for gaming is perfect for packing lots of power in a very small space. Youd be surprised at the speed, sound, and graphics that smaller PCs can put out, at a fraction of the size of the typical PC gaming tower. Some may even qualify as being portable, with a few extra accessories and a couple of compromises. Here is our thorough compilation of the best and most impressive mini PCs for gaming available right now.

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Everything from smartphones to gaming consoles is getting smaller and more powerful, so it only makes sense that the gaming PC world follows suit. Mini gaming PCs arent a new concept, but recently, theyve gotten mighty impressive, and perhaps more importantly, affordable. Here are some things we considered when picking out the best mini PCs for gaming.


Speed: Its almost impossible to do any modern gaming on a PC that lags behind in the speed department, and even some of the quicker models will heat up pretty quickly when you overclock them. The best of the best stay cool even when running demanding titles like Crysis 3and Cyberpunk 2077.


Graphics: After processing speeds, graphics are perhaps the most crucial things for mini PCs for gaming to get right. What good is a Steam library full of triple-A titles if youll be forced to run them in 720p to get your PC running right? While an external GPU can give a boost to cheaper models, a well-made device will run great right out of the box.


Ports: How many USB, display, and HDMI ports should a mini gaming PC have? The short answer is enough. It depends on what kind of gaming you plan on doing on your new mini marvel. Some will be happy with a fast mouse and mechanical gaming keyboard; others will need to accommodate multiple gamepads and at least one arcade fight stick. More is better, in any case.


Aesthetics: Good form doesnt always mean good function, but in the case of mini PCs for gaming, a sleek-looking number usually means that your little device will at least pack some power. Plus, considering it will be small enough to park on your desk, you want something that looks good enough to show off.


ReachingStar 9




Memory:Memory/SO-DIMM*2, UP TO 64GB

Storage:M.2 NGFF SSD 2242*2, SATA 3.0 2.5”


— Unique shell with great build-quality

— Fast processing

— Great emulation machine