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Why Choose a Mini PC Over a Laptop For Hybrid Work?

Time:2022-11-13 Views:949

Why Choose a Mini PC Over a Laptop For Hybrid Work?

With versatile computing being a staple for all businesses, many companies are looking for the best option for portability and performance. So how do you choose between a mini PC or a laptop for your business?

Everyone’s familiar with the standard laptop, as they’ve continued to grow in popularity across many businesses to meet their needs. However, mini PCs are a smaller form factor computer designed to offer the same performance as a tower PC in a much smaller chassis.

Mini PC portability & versatility

Both laptops and mini PCs are conveniently portable and can be taken almost anywhere. But, mini PCs have an advantage. As these devices don’t have a screen or keyboard, you only have to unplug your device and immediately take it anywhere. For end users and employees working in industries that require them to travel between offices, the mini PC is an easy choice if monitors are readily available in all locations. Mini PCs can easily be connected to two to four monitor office configurations to maximize productivity at work.

Mini PC savings and costs

Mini PCs save on costs compared to laptops for a variety of reasons. Laptops tend to cost more due to accessories that support them, including docking stations, laptop cases and more. Also, laptops tend to require more costly maintenance, such as battery replacements, cracked screens, keyboard issues and damage during transportation.

Laptop hardware limitations

Laptops have hardware limits that can impact productivity and cause interruptions to your employee’s day. Mini PCs, however, offer the same hardware as a tower PC in a smaller form factor while providing a more modular experience. This means you can upgrade monitors or other input devices to meet your needs.

Mini PC and laptop performance

Both products are relatively even in terms of performance and capabilities. Reachingstar mini PCs use processors and components of impressively high quality and provide performance levels that exceed the top performing laptops on the market.

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