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N5105 My highly recommend!

Time:2022-11-19 Views:924

I‘ve used the J4125 chipset with mini-PC‘s, and was curious if this N5101 was truly faster. I was extremely impressed with this unit, and confirm the 30% improvement specs are pretty close!


I use these for astrophotography to control my telescope and imaging cameras. This ran all my software perfectly! I ran a simple test, processing some images, and it it took about 2 minutes. The same images took about 3 minutes to process on my J4125 based PC. For comparison, it was just under 1 minute on an i9 machine.


The 12V plug is perfect to run off my battery, and 10W is a great low power device.


What really impressed me was the external hard drive caddy that‘s included. The onboard storage (256G) is great, but it‘s nice to have the capability to add another SSD to the system. I haven‘t seen any other mini-PC‘s at this price point that include this feature.


Initially, I was told that the caddy can be connected to another PC via the USBC port, but that was NOT the case. Support stepped up and verified that it is NOT supported. I appreciate that they escalated and verified this.


So overall, very happy with this machine. Performance is great, low power, great price, and support and customer service that follows up. Highly recommend!